Mike Causey:

Fighting for North Carolina consumers.

Putting consumers first, Mike is dedicated to reforming our state’s outdated insurance department and improving safety for every North Carolinian.

Mike Causey

North Carolina's Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal.

More Competition

Mike Causey is working to create more competition in North Carolina’s insurance industry to provide consumers with lower rates and greater access to better products.

Improved Efficiency

Reversing years of consumer frustration over insurance claims, Mike Causey is making needed reforms by cutting red tape, and increasing transparency and accountability.

Greater Accessibility

Putting taxpaying consumers first, Mike Causey is making the Commissioner’s office more accessible by improving customer service and increasing access to “real people” to resolve problems.

Bureaucratic Reform

As the only remaining state with an Rate Bureau, Mike Causey is helping reform an antiquated bureaucracy that kills free enterprise and rewards bad drivers at the expense of good drivers.

Who is Mike Causey?

  • Small businessman, insurance agent, insurance agency owner

    He's actually lived the life and understands what is involved with the insurance industry.

  • 25 years in insurance industry

    Insurance is complicated. But, it doesn't need to be.

  • Military veteran - Military Police

    Mike Causey understands and follows the laws.

  • Family man who still runs the family farm in Guilford County

    Mike Causey is truly a humble "man of the people". He's not about status or fame. He's a man who cares about NC and wants to make a difference.


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North Carolina's Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal.

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Mike Causey Cares

Take a moment and learn about what's involved with the office of the Commissioner. You will see that Mike Causey is the better choice for all of North Carolina. He wants to make sure you get the service you need as well as the savings you deserve.